Custom Orthotics, Splinting, and Custom Orthoplast Splinting Services

Licenced and registered Occupational Therapists work with your physician during your therapy treatment program to regain maximum functional capacity.Upper Extremity & Hand Therapy provides custom orthotics, custom hand splinting, custom orthoplast splinting, custom dynamic splinting, custom static splinting, and special pre-fabricated splints. These special products may speed the healing process by:

  • Allowing greater movement
  • Limiting movement to prevent further injury
  • Promote healing or to increase your functional mobility while cushioning and protecting your injured area

Patient Education to Improve Results

In addition to supplying your special orthotic and/or custom splinting services, our trained therapists provide education on the importance of using your new custom dynamic, static splint, or orthoplast splint to improve your therapy treatment's success.

We take patient education seriously and want to help you regain maximum functional capacity quickly. We create an individualized program with a "wear schedule" and personal exercise plan if needed that will allow you to achieve the best individual results possible as quickly as possible.


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Upper Extremity & Hand Therapy, Specialized Therapeutic Services for the Hand and Upper Extremity.